Retractable barriers with a clean look and feel

Q-cord is:

Retractable - 7 feet of retractable cord

Architectural - Beautifully brushed stainless steel exterior

ADA 2010 compliant - Designed to exceed requirements

Convenient - Easy to set up and rearrange

Quality - Hand Made in the USA

Durable - Marine grade components

Flexible - Freestanding base, Slim magnetic base, Floor socket, Screw fixed floor plate

Sleek - Thinnest retractable system available anywhere 

Discreet - Visually balanced design

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Sleek and Simple

Wells Fargo History Museum

Lamborghini Huracan

How do these barriers compare

Q-cord Vs typical seat belt type barrier Notice the diameter difference.  Q-cord is the smallest retractable barrier.

The Whitney Museum of American Art

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Westfield Mall NYC

Q-Cord 20"H single cord option: